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You never learn anything by doing it right
graphics by odd_one_around
TW | Lydia Party
74 icons

This is really just of post of all my icons I've had in folders on my computer of the battles I did over at gameofcards. Each battle was a different fandom. The battles can be found: Agents of Shield battle, Arrow battle, How To Get Away With Murder battle, The Walking Dead battle. This each I'm going to try and post a new entry each month, finger crossed I can do it :D

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08 20 14 - `14 | REIGN

23 icons

I finished! My entry for the DIY round over @ 20inspirations. I picked the tv show Reign, my newest guilty pleasure show that I've binge watched the whole season with my sister. I really had fun with this round.

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CA:TWS | falcon BAMF

32 icons

These are icons from various icon challenges I've done + two multi-maker activities! The Teen Wolf icons + The Musketeers icons are from 2 activities over at thetenthgate. Which you can find the full posts here + here. The Marvel icons are from an icon battle that was hosted at cardwars, against justmyb0nes, mercurialdragon, ofthesea and sucksucksmile. you can the battle over here. I'm particapating in the newest round at 20inspirations, so you can expect some more icons very soon.

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TW | Aww Crap

31 icons

Icon build up since at least March XD Icons in this post are from the7days, turbo_rumble and the awesome maker activity over at thetenthgate, which you should all check out, there are so many lovely icons in that post :D

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02 25 14 - '14 | Teen Wolf
TW | Lydia Party
29 icons

Behold my first post of the year and it's an unfinished set for technique20in20, + a couple of entries for previous rounds over @ teenwolf_elite. It's nearly been 3 months since my last icon post, and I feel really rusty but hopefully I haven't lost me touch :3

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TW | 3xLydia

29 icons

I've really fallen in love with this show, so many pretty scenery shots and the storyline has got me hooked. Here are some icons made for my first round over @ turbo_rumble and some icons made for a challenge over @ sleepyhollowlnd. I hope you like them :D

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09 23 13 - '13 | TEEN WOLF
TW | Stiles Double

30 icons

This is my entry for a 20in20 over at universe_the, I really like some of these, others not so much. There are also a few icons from another challenge at universe_the.

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