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You never learn anything by doing it right
graphics by odd_one_around
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TW | Peter/Stiles
50 icons

So this post includes two batches of 20in20 icons. the first 25 icons are from 20inspirations latest round: textures. For this round I went with option 1: Choose four texture styles, and make exactly five icons inspired by each. I choose to make icons with grunge, light, paint and geometric textures. The second half of this post was made for Round 1 of technique20in20. Just hover over the icon for the theme. You can see what each technique was supposed to be used at this post

you find the dead body from now onCollapse )

07 23 13 - '13 | TEEN WOLF
Glee | Life

30 icons

Icons made for Round 1 over @ teenwolf_20in20. My claim was season 3, there are no spoilers for the lastest episode. I really like how some of these turned out, some not so much. But I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. I've signed up for my first round at 20inspirations, I'm really looking forward to that.

you're not no one. you're someoneCollapse )

07 17 13 - '13 | HANNIBAL
TW | Lydia
30 icons

See as promised, more icons :3 These are from an awesome Hannibal battle, that everyone should see the results of. So much pretty in one post. The last five are from a challenge over @ universe_the

what he has is pure empathyCollapse )
07 05 13 - '13 | TEEN WOLF
TW | Hunter Alison
27 icons

Well, I'm really slack, no icon posts since April, whoops! But I'm back now, my muse is back and I've got the iconning bug again :D Yay!
The first 6 icons of this post were made for a challenge @ teenwolf_elite. The rest are just me playing around, trying to get back into my groove. I hope you like them.
You can expect a Hannibal battle to be posted soon. I'm quite proud of how those icons turned out.

what's that thing you say about three'sCollapse )
AHS | Dreams

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